Important First Grade Info

posted Sep 12, 2013, 4:05 AM by Jan Troyer   [ updated Aug 30, 2018, 1:06 PM ]

Important First Grade Info

Please read the following information carefully:

           We are about to start a great journey together.  I believe very strongly that we need to work together to help your child reach their potential and develop a love of learning.  I want them to be excited and eager to learn, but I need your help also.  As a parent, I will be asking you to listen to your child as they bring home work to share and celebrate their success and progress.  Feel free to let me do the worrying about any errors!   I want your time with your child to be positive.  At this age, they should not be spending more than 20 minutes per night working on school related tasks unless it is a special project.  

        We will be starting Daily 5 and Guided Reading soon.  During the first week or so, the groups will change as I get more of an idea of where the students are reading.  The students will read a book with me and then with a partner.  That book will come home that night (probably Monday and Thursday.)  PLEASE  listen to your child read the book at least once and return the book the next morning.  It is very important for your child to share this with you.  The greatest gift that we can give your child together is a love of reading and learning!   We call these books “Good Fit” books.  They should be stories that your child can read with minor problem solving for words, but they should be able to do it without slowing down and losing track of the story.  Think about it as “problem solving on the run.”  If they get stuck, feel free to help them.  Do not worry about any errors unless they do not make sense in the story then just tell them what the word should be.    I will be worrying about their errors and working to fix them.  : )  

        The hardback reading book will come home with your child on Wednesdays.  They should read the story of the week with you.  For these stories, if they are too difficult, feel free to read it together.  We will have weekly spelling words.  The words are posted on the website.  The students will pretest on Monday and take the regular test on Friday.   Once we have gotten the routine down, students who have all the words correct on Monday, will use a challenge list instead for the week and the Friday test. 

        WRITING    I feel very strongly about giving “our” children a positive attitude about writing.  Therefore, I will read everything they write and make comments about the content, but I will not mark it up for grammar errors.  I note the errors and use it to direct my teaching, but want them to focus on the content and enjoy the task.

        GRADING  We do not give letter grades in First Grade.  I will not “grade” papers that we complete together and are displayed up on the big screen.  If you see things come home without a grade and that are not correct, you may want to ask your child why they were not working / following with the class. 

MATH    We will be using the same Math program that the students used in Kindergarten.  The students will have many opportunities to build, draw, and write about Math as they learn and make connections.  This will help them to apply the concepts and strategies they learn to new situations.   They will not have a weekly Math homework, but they are free to practice addition and subtraction facts once we have started those topics.  I have many ideas to help make this a fun format rather than just using worksheets.   : ) 

MOVEMENT First graders do need to get up and move during the day.  We do yoga or Brain Dance for movement breaks.  For the girls, they may want to wear shorts under dresses just to make this easier for them.