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Social Studies

1st Quarter Social Studies - Understands what is required of a good citizen.  This is reported throughout the year as Learner Behaviors.
2nd Quarter - Recognizes people learn from the past.

"A Bug and a Wish"

The first grade students learn to problem solve with their peers.  

It bugs me when you (negative behavior) and I wish you would (positive behavior.)  An example might be: It bugs me when you are talking during story time, and I wish you would listen to the story.   

Learn From the Past
The first grade students will be listening to stories that compare "Then and Now" for different topics such as school, travel, toys, etc.  

The students will learn about life for the Pilgrims compared to modern day life.

The students will be making comparisons to change in their own families over time.

The students will explore how we learn and improve our own lives by looking at changes over time.  

First   Grade  Learner  Behaviors
P - Proficient - consistently demonstrates skill or behavior
D - Developing - demonstrates skill or behavior, but needs                 improvement. 
B - Beginning - seldom demonstrates skill or behavior and is an         area of concern.
1.  Follows school and classroom rules  Consistently             follows rules and shows respect.
2.  Follows directions promptly    Follows directions /             instructions the first time given, and begins and remains on         task without reminders.   
3.  Demonstrates appropriate work habits  The student     works at appropriate rate, stays on task without reminders,         allows others to remain on task, displays personal best in             work, persistent effort, and organizes belongings. 
4.  Listens and attends appropriately   Does not talk or         interrupt while others are speaking.  Student looks at the             speaker and controls body. 
5.  Interacts cooperatively  The student shows concern for     others, shares, takes turns, and problem solves.  
6.  Demonstrates responsibility  The student accepts             consequences, follows classroom routines, cares for personal         and school property, uses time wisely, and makes good             choices.