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Unit 2 (October / November)

Sharing Time        Big Idea:  We all have something to share.   
Week 6 -  Jack and the Wolf
Week of 10-22-2018

Essential Question: What lessons can you learn from story characters?

Word Wall Words: away. every, call, hear, come, & said

Spelling:  an, bad, can, had, cat, ran, add, pass

Oral Vocabulary: figure, tossed, clang, fault, plenty, and jumbled  (These are words that the students are working on meaning and use.)

Grammar: Complete sentences 

Target skill: Understanding characters

Week 9 -  Dr. Seuss
Week of 11-12-2018

Essential Question:  How do words and pictures help tell a story?

Word Wall Words:  after, draw, pictures, read, was, and write

Spelling: yes, let, red, ten, bed, get, sled, step

Oral Vocabulary:  Yanking, awake, trip, try, twice, and wonder

Grammar:  singular and plural nouns

Target skill:  text and graphic features

Week 7 -  How Animals Communicate
Week of 10-29-2018

Essential Question: How do animals communicate?

Word Wall Words: animal, of, how, some, make, and why

Spelling:  in, will, did, sit, big, trip, grin

Oral Vocabulary: creek, warn, crowd,discussed, bills, and agreement,  (These are words that the students are working on meaning and use.)

Grammar: sentence parts 

Target skill: Details

Week 10 -  A Cupcake Party
Week of 11-26-2018

Essential Question:  How do the parts of a story work together?

Word Wall Words:  eat, put, give, small, one,  and take

Spelling: us, sun, but, fun, bus, run, jump, must

Oral Vocabulary:  forest, pouches, enemies, predators, hibernate, must

Grammar:  prepositions and prepositional phrases

Target skill:Story Structure

Week 8 - A Musical Day
Week of 11-05-2018

Essential Question:  Why is the order of story events important?

Word Wall Words:  her, she, now, today, and would

Spelling:  on, got, fox, pop, not, hop, block, clock

Oral Vocabulary:  faraway, village, crisp, smudge, peeked, edges

Grammar:  Statements

Target skill:  sequence of events