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Unit 1 (September / October)

Around the Neighborhood       BIG IDEA: Everyone can be a good neighbor / friend.
Week 1 -  What is a Pal?
Week of 9-17-2018

Essential Question: What is important about being a friend?

Word Wall Words: and, be, help, you, play, & with

Spelling:  at, am, sat, man, dad, mat

Oral Vocabulary: excellent, suddenly, miss, invitation, ruin, & beautiful (These are words that the students are working on meaning and use.)

Grammar: nouns 

Target skill: Main idea

Week 4 - Lucia's Neighborhood
Week of 10-8-2018

Essential Question: What information do words and pictures give?  

Word Wall Words: all, does, here, me, my, and who

Spelling:  yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen

Oral vocabulary: canvas, important, rhythm, combinations, row, and ease

Grammar: adjectives

Target skill: Text and graphic features 
Week 2 - The Storm
Week of 9-24-2018

Essential Question:  What clues tell you how a character feels?

Word Wall Words: for, what, have, he, too, & look.

Spelling:  if, is, him, rip, fit, pin

Oral Vocabulary: bandits, brave, chatter, ears, steady, & still

Grammar: nouns

Target skill: Understanding characters

Week 5 - Gus Takes the Train
Week of 10-15-2018

Essential Question: How does the setting make a story more interesting?

Word Wall Words:  friend, full, good, pull, many, hold

Spelling:  up, bug, mud, nut, hug, tub

Oral vocabulary:  subways, space, alleys, ferry, dash, sealed

Grammar: adjectives

Target skill: story structure

Week 3 - Curious George Goes to School
Week of 10-1-2018
Essential Question: Why is the order of story events important?

Word Wall Words: do, find, funny, sing, no, they

Spelling:  Log, dot, top, hot, lot, ox

Oral Vocabulary: apart, worried, sneaked, crept, snout, & proud

Grammar: action verbs

Target skill: Sequence of events