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Module 2 Building Number Sense - (Nov., Dec., and Jan.)

In this unit the students will be extending the counting, comparing, ordering two-digit numbers, and identifying number patterns in different contexts.  They will continue to compose and decompose numbers as well as working on strategies to extend their knowledge of addition and subtraction facts.  The students will work on place value for tens and ones.  The students are developing an understanding of equivalence and working to solve problems with the unknown in different positions.  
The students will be:
  • working with number patterns and counting.  This will include skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's.
  • recognizing the amount in a patterned set without counting them.
  • ordering and comparing numbers.
  • compose and decompose numbers to 10.
  • solving word problems.
  • applying strategies to add and subtract.
  • using addition and subtraction within 20.
  • relating counting to addition and subtraction.
Essential Questions
  1. How does finding a number pattern help with computation?
  2. When you look at two numbers, how can you tell which number is bigger / smaller?
  3. In what ways can operations affect numbers?
  4. How can different strategies be helpful when solving a problem?
  5. How can it help you to be able to solve a problem in more than one way?
  6. What strategies can help you add and subtract?
  7. How can you use addition to help you subtract? 
Home Activities
  • Practice counting items to 120 (if your child was not proficient.)
  • Addition and subtraction practice
    • Addition war with cards
    • Subtraction war with cards
    • Adding or subtracting with dice
    • Any card games or dominoes games that students can add or subtract the numbers.
    • Some websites have addition and subtraction activities.
Jan Troyer,
Nov 6, 2014, 3:52 AM