Weekly Homework Routines

  • Monday:  Your child will bring home their corrected practice spelling test.  Please practice these words ALL week long.  I will send it home on Mondays and your child can work on knowing the words throughout the week. I encourage 15-20 minutes of additional reading time this evening. 
  • Tuesday-Thursday:  Your child will be bringing home their hardback Anthology on Tuesday.  He or she is responsible to read you the story of the week. They are not reading the whole book to you, just the story I introduced that week. On Wednesday, please read with your child the book sent home with them. On Thursday, please have them read the additional story in the Anthology to you.   
  • Friday: Your child will bring home their folder to empty out and go over any papers with them. Please have them read 15-20 minutes to you each day over the weekend. 
At this point in the year, this will be our homework routine, throughout the year we may add in take home readers which you will need to read at home with your child and then have them return the following day!