Language Arts


Weekly Spelling Words

On Monday this week we began Lesson 1 in our Language Arts Series.  Student will be learning Weekly Spelling Words (6-12 words) which are decodable using decoding skills.   You can also access the weekly spelling words on our 1st grade website under the Curriculum Tab.  We will practice daily throughout the week at school.  We will not have Spelling tests this year but we will have informal spelling activities to check on student learning of the spelling words.  Weekly spelling words will be on the weekly homework for your child to read to you. 

**Our class will be integrating printing (forming letters correctly & legibly on lined paper) when we practice spelling the words at school.

*No Spelling Tests since they will not be reported on report cards.

Weekly High Frequency Words

(Also known as Word Wall Words or Words to Know)

Each week in your child’s Friday Folder will be a weekly Reading Homework (half sheet) with high frequency words (6-8 words) and sentences to read to someone at home.  Your child’s goal is to be able to read these high frequency words quickly by sight but not necessarily spell them. These weekly words will appear in the weekly books/stories, worksheets and tests.  Also, the high frequency words may come in paper cut out card form for your child to use as practice flash cards at home and can be collected throughout the year.  To challenge your child they can practice spelling these words.  

Weekly Oral Vocabulary Words

Another group of words your child will be learning are Oral Vocabulary Words.  Students will be learning a new set (8 words) of oral vocabulary words each week.  They will learn the meaning of the words through pictures and how they are used in an oral sentence.  Look for Oral Vocabulary “My Word Book” in your child’s Friday Folder.  Oral vocabulary words will be tested each quarter.  

Weekly Baggie Books 

Each week Students will be bringing home a Baggie Book/s to read to an adult after they have practiced with me in class.  The books contain many of the above type words in the books. Rereading helps develop fluency, word recognition and comprehension skills. Please have your child read the baggie book,  several times if needed, and return book in provided baggie on or before Thursday of each week. The book return is very important so that we can share the books with others in class. Book and baggie must be returned to get another book each week.