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Our Specials Schedule

Monday:  ART @ 12:15-1:03 P.M.
Tuesday:  MUSIC @ 2:45-3:33 P.M.

Wednesday: PHYSICAL EDUCATION @ 12:15-1:03 P.M.

Thursday: MUSIC @ 12:15-1:03 P.M.

Friday:  LIBRARY @ 12:15- 1:03 P.M.

Recess: 10:18 - 10:43 am
Lunch: 10:43-11:06 am


Breakfast @ 8:15 - 8:35 am in cafeteria
Before 8:30 am -- students line up under front porch
First Bell 8:30 am, students walk to locker/class 
Second Bell 8:35 am, school begins
Tardy after 8:55 am, sign in at the office
Pick up Dismissal under the front porch & car loop
Half Day Dismissal @ 12:00 p.m.
Full Day Dismissal @ 3:40 p.m.

If your child's regular dismissal schedule changes please write a note or email ( me in a day advance, or call the front office (323-6900) during the same day. 

Star of the Week
Students will be selected a week prior to their Star of the Week and given a poster to color and fill out with their family.  Allow your child to color and fill in the poster with assistance.  Return the poster the Thursday prior to their special week.

Peanut and all Tree Nut Allergy Information:
Please help to keep the First Grade classroom safe for those students with food allergies.  Please click on the "Home" tab and look for "Important Resources" to read more about safe snacks for our classroom.

Birthday Celebrations 
Please read about 12th Street Elementary's Birthday Policy.  Click the "Home" tab and look for "Important Resources" to find the Birthday Celebration link.
In our classroom students will be designing a birthday card for the special person and our class will sing our class birthday song.  If you are planning to send any items in for the special day please notify me in advance.  All birthdays will be recognized.  Summer birthdays will be scheduled during the month of May.  
We have 22 students at this time.  

Sharing Time
Our class sharing time will be the same week your child is selected to be the Star of the Week.  The Star of Week student will get a chance (5-7 min. ) to bring special items to school to share about themselves. each day of their week.  Example: photos of their family, awards and accomplishments, special books they enjoy etc.  Please NO TOYS !!   The Sharing time will also give the first grader a chance to practice verbal communication skills (appropriate voice level, express thoughts into complete sentences).
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