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Allergy Free Classrooms

    The first grade classrooms have multiple students with severe allergies.  In order to keep all students safe, all four classrooms will follow an allergy free format for snacks and party treats. 
    There will also be an allergy free foods table in the cafeteria at lunch time.  The purpose of this table is not to isolate students, but to keep them safe.  We encourage students who do not have allergies to sit with their friends at the allergy table as long as their lunch is free from foods that may cause problems for other students.   
    There is a list of safe snacks attached to this page for parent's convenience in planning for the school year.  Thank you for helping to keep our children safe! 

Nut Free First Grade Classrooms                                      2019-2020

OUr First Grade classes often rotate into each others room throughout the school year.  Therefore,, all First Grade Classrooms will be Nut Free.  After discussing with parents of students with nut allergies we will allow students to bring in Nut Free snacks without original wrappers, and fresh fruits and vegetables cut and bagged from home.  We are asking all snacks to be Nut Free; NO NUTS of any kind in any of the snacks.  See suggested Nut Free snack list sent home earlier or on our First Grade web site http://twl1stgrade.site.portageps.org/  Teachers will be checking student snacks as they come into the room.  Students are also asked to not share snacks with other students.  Please review the Nut Free safety rules we have placed in all First Grade classrooms with your child at home..  Thank you for your support in helping to keep all children healthy and safe at school.

First Grade Team

Jan Troyer,
Aug 28, 2014, 9:29 AM