Behavior expectations

In my classroom we use the PAWS expectations that the entire school uses.

P--practice kindness
A--act respectfully
W--work responsibly

Pretty much any behavior issue that comes up in the class falls under one of these categories.  We review frequently what these mean and how we can follow them.  We also discuss examples of ways that are NOT following PAWS.  I  am using the Dojo behavioral management system where the students can earn points based on how well they are following the PAWS. It is a widely used computerized program that I think the students will have a lot of fun with!

Zones of Regulation:

To help students learn to recognize and manage their emotions, our school is using the "Zones of Regulation". There are 4 zones: Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. The green zone is the optimal zone for learning. It represents happy, calm, and ready for learning. When we are not in the green zone we may be mad, sad, tired, or silly for example. There are tools and techniques to help the students get back to green.